What happens when you take innovative swiss design and pair it with extraordinary Prescription polarised lenses engineered to conquer blinding glare?

Because wearing contact lenses isn't always an option, and because 100% anti-glare, UV protection is always your best bet, Smarty Sunnies' exclusive collaboration with expert polarised lens labs is the best value for maximum visual comfort and optical performance. And, this package starts at only $298 with any Smarty, with options for various indices (lens thickness) and progressive corrective vision. Also, we offer a multitude of tints and mirrored tones so you can customise your Smarty to the exact look you  want.


Driver reaction time is improved by 1/3 of a second when wearing xperio prescription polarised lenses vs. ordinary sun lenses - which means they can stop vehicles 7 metres soonER if going at 80km/h - the length of an intersection.

That's key, considering more than 90% of decisions depend on good vision from behind the wheel!


Even if you use lenses meant for extended wear, allowing your eyes to "breathe" minimises bacteria and other infections from forming on your eye surfaces, prevents dryness and irritation, and saves you a pair of lenses for when you're in a situation where eyewear isn't the best option. For example, when you're on the beach, the effects of sun, sand, sea water and wind can cause itchiness in the eyes under contact lenses.


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